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I just beat FFX-2

Wow...so beautiful. Now I going to spend another 2 months trying to get 100%

There goes my life.
DOn't forget to talk to the fayth. :)
how was that beautiful. i'm very dissapointed in this game, as i'm currently in the process of going back and getting 100%. the non perfect ending was total crap, and this game was waaaay too campy and girly.

looks like square is back to their old tricks (aka 8 and 9)
girl power
i loved it. it had its moments, but i like that its a departure from the serious tone of the past few FF games. I just wish that Square Enix waited to release the game so we Americans can get the Last Mission (the extra dvd disk w/ 30+ hours) and the new Psychicer dressphere that came with International.
huh. i didn't even hear about that.

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed parts, but i was really hoping it would be a follow up from X, and it was more...well...another story entirely. with a couple of the same people along the way. loved X, so i guess i set my hopes too high.

but come on-the hot springs scene? go on square enix, make your porn.
haha, if only they kept the original speech in the hot springs. Instead of that "Yuna's going it going on" but it was still enjoyable. Btw, you do the Bevelle dungeon?
you mean all that puzzle shit with the machines in bevelle?

i got dark knight sphere but that it.

what was the original dialogue n the springs?
no no, there's another dungeon in chapter 5 with 100 floors where you fight every fiend in the game and bosses from previous fights are regular enemies. You have to be at level 60+ after level 20 or so apparently.
oh and the original speech was about boob size
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