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I'm looking for rides to the DC area on May 31st/ June 1st. I'm a butt load of fun, have tons of music and will burn you any mix you want, and even though I can't help you drive legally (I'm a good driver, but DC doesn't know that yet...) I have $$$$$$ for gas, food, munchies, car repair if needed, or soliciting hooker. Whatever your fancy. I'm staying for commencement week because of "Blade To The Heat" so anyone staying through the week who can help will win so many awesome points.
e-mail me at ethan.baldwin@oberlin.edu or AIM: cityatpeace

PS: I will at most have 3 bags: One large suitcase, a backpack, and my laptop case.
baby, if i had a car, i would have kidnapped you a long time ago.