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I was watching the Boy Meets Boy Marathon....sigh.

I miss James and Shannon.

And Kitty.
So I am back home.
I do not like going to South Carolina. I always get incredibly bored and I always become frustrated with my family. Now that Grandma isn't there, it just seems that all of the love was sucked out of the house. My granpa makes it all up though. He's 83 and makes the worse jokes ever. He has a plethora of little sayings, like "And if you tell me, I'll come to your wedding"

He also has an obsession with Steak Biscuits. It drives me nuts, but we had to go to Hardees basically every morning so he could get a steak biscuit.

Going to Myrtle Beach was cool though. I got to see Marques, a friend I grew up with every summer who was born two days after me.
It amazes me how (short-run) succesful people are becoming at my age sans college. Marques has his own apartment in Conway and is moving to Texas in January.

I also found myself eating meat, because otherwise I would have starved. I had a chicken sandwich, because i was going to get sushi from Bi-Lo, but the STUPID SEAFOOD PERSON DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT SUSHI WAS!!!!

Julia, what is WITH these people?!?

So now I am back in DC, and I feel tres nubian sexy (That's my new saying; from my silly little French translator) because I got SO MANY CLOTHES.

I hit that GAP sale and bought three SO DE SEX shirts and a shui sweater and some army cargos from Walmart and three pairs of these lycra/spandex Euro cut boxer briefs which cause me to strut whevere I got because they are SO HOT AND SMOOTH.

I also got a VERY nice Guess wide leather watch.
Now, this is going to be FASHION DIVA WEEK for me because the Queer Eye Marathon is on New Years starting at 1PM and Boy Meets Boy's marathon is tonight at 5

I miss James and Shannon, because we watched thoses two shows at his house in Claremont (with KITTY!!!!!!) and were hooked.

And Dan was Straight. Duh!

I'm going to shower and make myself FABOLOUS!
I'm getting tons of phat stuff!

From Mom I got FFX-2, a new cell phone (Tangent; Virgin Mobile is run by SPRINT! AHHH I HATE YOU!!!!), a Starbucks Card, this UBER Cool silver and blue modern touch screen speaker phone for my room, and some DVD which I can't open till X-Mas

Nik got me a Silver Martini Set. I hate him! :-D

Eloise gave me 50 bucks (Ka-Ching!)

That's all I've gotten so far, and I am tres happy. I need to call some more relatives.

One other thing: I can't stand when relatives are like "I'm not going to call you until you call me" I'm just like fine, don't call then. I'm not flipping out. You shouldn't either. But I should call, because that will present me with more money in the long run.

Gosh...I hate calling people, though. That's exactly why I GOT A BLOODY CELL PHONE (stupid.)

Lindsay! What's up for New Years? I want to meet John, and I really don't want to do the huge Maret party for too long. They get hella boring.
Final Fantasy X-2=the most gorgeous game ever created.

Basically, the game is one huge music video, which makes it PERFECT.

The opening CG had me floored. Yuna has BACKUP DANCERS! Holla!
2 comical things have happened lately.

1. I was in the post office with my mom yesterday, and I was looking through the letters to Santa. They were out on this table in case anyone wanted to fulfil the wishes of these children and underprivileged families. A girl in SE, a Dominique if you will, wrote this.

For Christmas, I would like an electric scooter. I would also like an X-Box, some Timberland boots, a big flat screen TV, and a computer.

And some Timberland boots? Come on, little girl.

2. I was trying to call Strauss Repair to get my camera fixed, and I ended up calling 1800 THERAPISTS. The lady was so nice.
I'm adding Kyan Douglas to my sex fantasy with Thandie Newton, Ian Somerhalder, and Victoria Beckham. Best Dresser Ever.
I'm angered very easily.
I hate the LCT.
I can't even go to the mall now.
In my state...I managed to take out my contacts...and I strangely felt the need to change my shirt. I put on my blue star shirt. I think it made me feel better cuz it's blue.

I don't think I can get tipsy. I felt exactly like me, and all the crazy stuff I did is stuff I would do sober. The problem is just that stuff was harder to to do...cuz the room was spinning.

Gah. I'm dwelling on this because I simply don't understand how people can do that every weekend.

It was a good thing I had that Agave Burrito!
Ethan Baldwin


And I
Ethan Baldwin


Luckily I have no hangover, and I remember everything that happened last night. Being drunk sucks. It's basically drinking a bunch of NyQuil without ever going to sleep.
So let's see.

We went to Sarah's, for our impromptu Tap Exco party. Basically it was a "Come over and finish off my liquor" party, because Jamila and I were the only ones who showed up. I had proceeded to to have a Pespsi and Rum...then another, with less Pepsi...and another...with even less Pepsi.

Well then

We then went to Adam's for the end of finals party. I had fun...kinda. I saw the normal drunk crowd, and for a split second, it pained me to be with that crowd.

That feeling was washed away with a Cherry Martini. That was gross, but the cherry was so good, I also finished off Jamila's.
Then I had a Pepsi with this Cinamon Liqueur stuff...also with not a lot of pepsi...and that was good...kinda.
I then had a Mike's Hard Lemonade, which I liked.

I then made it back to north, where there were a bunch of people in my room.

Ethan. Note to Self. LOCK YOUR FUCKING DOOR.

I then went to the bathroom and sat by the toilet for about an hour. I wanted to be courteous and make sure I didn't make a mess anywhere, so I barfed 5 times in the toilet. Thank you Kipp and Jammy.

What pissed me off is the Security decided (after already getting my information) to come back in my room (after I had OBVIOUSLY gone to sleep and coherently answered that I was fine, told them all I had to drink, said I had a headache and wanted to go to sleep) to get a DAMN SIGNATURE! Was it really that important to wake me back up and turn on all of the lights. Geez...

So yes. Today I am going to shower. I am going to get dressed, get some food, and then go to the mall. I am going by myself. I want to simply spend one day to myself not dealing with other people. Retail therapy will make my feel better.

That will never happen again. I don't see how people can do that on a regular basis.

So I am going to have my talking-to with William Maloney IV about switching duty (because Phil forgot to show up, but I really don't care) and...yeah. I'm going to leave this place tomorrow. At this rate, fuck it, I don't even want to be an RA. It sucks how money tends to govern my actions. I'd talk about the whole charade that went down last night about THAT, but frankly I think the whole ordeal is too retarded to litter my LJ with.

Need More water.