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I'm sick of apologizing...for other people.
I'm sick of making excuses...for other people.
I'm sick of being the voice or reason...for other people.

For 2004, I'm burning all of the bridges that cause me stress.
I'm am now negating their existence...starting with this journal.
I'm debating whether I should go through it and save me text on my HD...

I've calmed down A LOT since last night. Today was very theraputic. I have the house to myself, I'm watching the QE Marathon, and I'm putting on my sexy robe.

Man...I was so pissed that in the Metro, the first thing that came to me was to tap dance.

I won't delete this journal. I am saying goodbye to it, however. New Year, new person entirely.

Bye y'all. It's been real.
Good Goals, but they are going to be hard to achieve at Oberlin.

Damn Liberals!