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Because Carly and I just watched "Bring it On Again"

Notice the placement of the end quotes. Yes, there is a sequel.

1. Why do rich white girls refuse to finish words? I'm now going to write in my sched' a date we can go get some Fro Yo.
2. In both movies, the "brown" team proved to be the better dancers. This time, it wasn't intentional. Funny. The rival team was "the Renegades"
3. Carly and I have decided that we love skinny grungy hairy boys. Love laughing at them, that is. Unfortunately, they are ridiculously adorable, especially the "rich kid-turned cafeteria worker slash DJ because he isn't pre-med and his parent would pay for his education" role. And he wore track pants and an armband! Grungy hairy cafeteria boy in track pants! AW! Cute!
4. The black in this movie is beyond the realm of HOT. And she is ghetto. I'm sorry, I'm really turned on by ghetto girls. I don't know what it is.
5. The Renegade outfits? THE BOMB!
6. Speaking of "bombs", they managed to fit the phrase "Bomb-Digity" 3 times in one sentence. The leading girl, Whittier (my goodnes...:-/) also say "Don't be all up in my Kool-Aid"

So I'm going to remove my brain and watch the final scene again. Push comes to shoves, the Renegades were ON POINT!
[too bad i have so much to do!]
I am STILL laughing about that movie. And I'm so going to find some fro-yo this week. Fo' shizzle. (I can't believe one of them actually said that...)